About Us

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Owner / Managing Director Brad Rowe is an experienced boat builder, and together with his wife Charlotte established Bluefix Boatworks in 2010.

Brad has always believed it to be a privilege to build specialized boats to such a high standard and as a business moving forward aim to have a reputation for being the best in the world. Not only for building World class boats but doing it in a manner which leads the industry in production proficiency including quality assessment.

Brad Rowe has a long-standing love affair with the ocean and a true passion for quality.  The combination of these is what lead to the creation of the NorthCape series.  Brad identified a gap in the market for custom boats manufactured to the highest possible standards and finished immaculately, that deliver both form and function as well as stunning good looks.

Brad and the Bluefix team have a varied amount of experience in all aspects of boat building, marine painting and engineering.  

Brad would love to sit down with you and create your one of a kind sports fishing launch or talk through your repairs and maintenance needs.